Where I’ll Be Writing This Hockey Season

After I left theScore back in May and took on a job that allows me to work from home, I write about how I certainly wouldn’t be able to give up hockey writing all that easily. I wrote a bit in this space over the summer, pitched a few ideas here and there, and I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to provide some content over at  this season.

Why there? Well, back in June, Guelph Storm defenseman Ryan Merkley was selected 21st overall by the San Jose Sharks, the team FTF covers for SB Nation. Over the summer I thought to myself, “How great would it be to head down to the rink, watch some games, chat with the 18-year-old from time to time, and offer Sharks fans some firsthand takes on the development of a highly-touted prospect?”

And here we are. Big thanks to Sie for adding me to the team, and to the Storm for giving me thumbs up to sit in the press box. It’s a very cool way to stay in the hockey writing game and a perfect little side gig for me right now; work at home by day, head down to the Sleeman Center the odd Friday night or Sunday afternoon, and gain some media experience that I wasn’t afforded previously.

This isn’t a monumental “Why I Joined” personal announcement by any stretch, I know. But I wasn’t able to sit in a press box for games in the past, and I love getting the word out about talent, so it’s a win win for me.

I’m also hoping to write about other Guelph prospects for different SB Nation sites, am open to other freelance gigs (check my past work here if interested), and will be recording Stoop Time as regularly as possible.

Look for my first post to drop on FTF soon.

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